County Council At-Large


Education: Graduate of Paoli High School and Indiana University School of Business. Career/occupation: Government auditor for State of Indiana, retired. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in business with an accounting major from Indiana University. After graduation, I accepted a position with the Indiana State Board of Accounts. Over the course of seven years as a field examiner for SBOA, I audited local units of government including Brown County and Van Buren Township. I also served at the Indiana Department of Labor for nine years, and shorter terms with the Indiana Department of Revenue and Workforce Development. I’ve been a county resident for the past 20 years.

I’m very concerned about the future of my local government. We face challenges which could diminish the wonderful quality of life here. I’m concerned that quality of life will suffer without good leadership. There is an unfortunately well-entrenched tendency among our elected officeholders to make decisions in an arbitrary, capricious manner. Good government relies upon factual information and empirical data to make sound policy decisions. Greater transparency can help safeguard against poor decisions, and there is a serious lack of information reasonably accessible to county residents. The county website is scarcely more than a phone directory.


Education: Purdue University, 1997-2000, majored in special education. Career/occupation: Current, housewife; previously, substitute teacher, banking and mortgage loan processor. Because I worked in banking and mortgage, I understand how finances work. I worked as a bank teller and customer service representative, in the data center, and as a mortgage loan processor. This gave me experience working with the public and learning how banks operate. I worked with lenders, appraisers, title agents and surveyors. I was required to learn the government regulations to which financial institutions must adhere. I have the ability to read and understand contracts.

My motivation for public service should be service to our community. I am running for Brown County Council because I want to make a difference. I want to help ensure that the wasteful spending in certain areas of our county government stops, and to see that any projects undertaken in the county and monies spent, are done so responsibly, as well as, in a way that it benefits ALL of my fellow Brown Countians, and the thousands of visitors that come here every year.


Galvanized by recent social movements, Ken Birkemeier finally decided that the best way to positively impact his community is to run for the County Council At Large of Brown County. For almost five decades, Ken Birkemeier has been a resident of Brown County; a place now home to the third generation of his family. He has always been an active leader in the community and has received awards for his service to dozens of political groups, church groups, non-profit organizations, grant committees, financial advisory boards and youth sports leagues. He has served on the boards of the Brown County Community Foundation, Leadership Brown County and Brown County Parks & Recreation, where he was instrumental in developing Deer Run Park and acquiring the Beanblossom Overlook. A longtime banker and financial expert who worked in Brown County through seven recessions, Ken has a strong professional background in budget creation, financial analysis and accounting practices along with decades of expertise in personal, commercial, construction and governmental lending. He has long observed how Brown County’s elected representatives have entrapped citizens in debts due to far too many irresponsible short-sighted financial mistakes. Ken has the experience to responsibly and transparently make wise and important decisions for the future of Brown County. His grandchildren are counting on it.

Ken Birkemeier grew up in southern Indiana and earned degrees in economics from Manchester University and from the Graduate School of Commercial Lending at The University of Oklahoma. He and his wife Carol live in the same house they bought in 1978. When not in Brown County, he can usually be found at blues festivals or baseball games.

County Commissioner District 1


Education: Tri-West Hendricks High School, volunteer firefighter. Guardian ad Litem/Court Appointed Special Advocate. Bail, private investigations, courtroom testimony training/experience. Disaster planning and response for corporate loss prevention. Specialized interview and evidence collection techniques. School volunteer, foster parent, IEP parent. I am proficient in state code, promulgation of administrative code, rules and regulations, compliance and enforcement, internal auditing, preparing, submitting, providing justification for and daily management of state budgets, state board of accounts rules and regulations, inter-agency communication and cooperation, supervision of multiple departments. Serving the public efficiently, professionally, and in a manner that ensures the public’s right to information is not impeded and that protects the confidential data of our citizens. IT development and its relationship to complex public business operations. Public speaking, employee recruitment, retention and development, public relations, and conflict resolution in a high demand, high-yield environment. 2020 master electrician program student. Career/occupation: Retired/Indiana BMV IT department manager.

Brown County deserves a commissioner that embraces the history of this place, the art of it and the joy, all while vigorously protecting and providing for the future of it. A commissioner that actively listens, one that makes evidence-based decisions and that understands the law of unintended consequences, in addition to Roberts Rules of Order. A commissioner that is respectful and inclusive of the rights of all. A commissioner that ensures that Brown County is a gracious host to visit, a secure home for raising a family, an excellent employer and a top-notch provider of public service, public safety and legal infrastructure. Every penny of tax money collected or committed should be necessary, used for public benefit and should never be misused by ignorance nor intent. I would be proud to be that commissioner for Brown County for as long as you’ll have me.

County Commissioner District 3

My name is Ron Fleetwoood, I was born in Brown County and have spent most of my life here where I attended Brown County High School. In the early 70’s I moved to Williamsburg Va. where I worked as a truck and heavy equipment mechanic. My son was born there. Later I moved to London OH., where my daughter was born, to work for the Cummins Diesel distributor as a diesel technician. While working there I was offered an opportunity to accept a position at Cummins Inc. as technical representative visiting major truck manufacturers. Cummins moved us to Michigan where I spent a few years before securing a position that brought me back to Indiana where I spent 25 years with Cummins holding multiple positions. I was highway superintendent from Dec, 2003 until Jan. 2007.I then worked for 8 years for Cummins Crosspoint in Indy doing dealer support from my home before I retired. I live on property that has been in my family since 1911 in Van Buren township, I’ve been here 40 years now.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serve and work with the residents of Brown County to provide an open government focused on providing the residents the best possible stewardship of their tax dollars including the best possible transportation system through planning for now and the future.