Your Brown County Democratic Party welcomes you. We are committed to providing competent, honest, and open government.

Government is how we, as a People, accomplish great things that we otherwise could not do by ourselves. For example, it is through government that we protect and defend ourselves and our freedoms. Through government we protect our Constitutional rights, and we insure they are provided equally to all. Through government, we protect our health and our environment.

We must, however, insure that government represents all of the people, not just a privileged few. That requires us to become informed and involved. It requires us to become full, participating citizens of our great country.

If you share our commitment, we invite you to join us.

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Brown County Democratic Central Committee

Rick Bond

Vice Chairperson
Evan Knox

Levi Voils

Steve Gore

Precinct Committeepersons

Hamblen Township

Hamblen 1
Chair MK Watkins
Vice Chair Levi Voils

Hamblen 2
Chair Tracey Callahan Burnett

Hamblen 3

Jackson Township

Jackson 1
Chair Laura Lewis Rudd
Vice Chair David Coffman

Jackson 2
Chair Linda Welty

Jackson 3
Chair Rick Bond
Vice Chair Laura Shuck

Jackson 4
Chair Melissa Parker                                                                                                      Vice Chair Jalen Dawson                

Van Buren Township

Van Buren

Washington Township

Washington 1
Chair Herb Brown
Vice Chair Evelyn Kent

Washington 2 

Chair Linda Lawson

Washington 3
Chair Steve Gore
Vice Chair Diana Wright

Washington 4
Chair Curt Mayfield
Vice Chair Shelby Keaton